Hat Shaping


Hats are wonderful accessories because they add a whole new dimension to any outfit, and are extremely versatile. By versatile, we mean that they can be personalized in many different ways, one of which is the shape of the hat itself. Because we want you to have a hat that is perfect for the look you want to achieve, we offer you the option of deciding how you would like your hat shaped.

For example, many of the popular western styles in our Double G line come with the iconic upturned brim almost synonymous with the old cowboys and gunslingers of the Wild West, but this look may not be what everyone is looking for.

You can take one of our western hats and turn the brim downward, giving it a sloped looked and completely changing the attitude of the hat. With a downturned brim, it evokes more of an outback feel from the hat and gives you a totally different look.

The crown can even be personalized a bit due to the pinch that may or may not be applied to the hat. Pinching the crown is a subtle change, but drastically alters the look of the hat. By simply pinching inward on both sides of the crown, the hat is given a more angled and sleek look.

We want you to have the look that is completely right for you, so we offer you the choice of what types of shaping you would like applied to your hats. When ordering your hat over the phone or online, simply state that you would like a certain style of shaping applied and we’ll work as best we can to make sure your hat comes exactly how you want it!