The hAtlas Top Hat


Sail the breadth of your domain and never fear the edge of the world in the Steampunk Hatter hAtlas. With a black leather brim and a laser-etched crown airbrushed with pure discovery, this leather top hat wonder literally places the world in your hands. Mercator's dream with a decorative compass in the band, the hAtlas is ideal for any sailor, explorer or cartographer of cool. A 5 ½-inch crown sits atop a contrasting 2-inch brim and says that no star is too distant for you to follow. Pair the hAtlas with your favorite steampunk attire as you assume the role of navigator supreme; or just make it your everyday topper. Either way, you'll chart a dapper course.

Brim: 2" Crown: 4-1/2"

Black Finished
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We are small family business that knows what it's like to purchase items online. It can be scary and we get it. So our guarantee is that if you do believe that our product is not something that you absolutely love then we will take it back.

But rest assured we stand behind our product and we believe you will too. We also guarantee that our craftsmanship will stand the test of time. If it does not we will fix or replace any defects of our work for the life of the hat.

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