Posted on by Ori Adler

As Fathers Day approaches we really start to think about the roles that dads and all the father figures play in our lives.
Here at Head'n Home American Hat Makers, we are blessed by the work that two amazing fathers have put in for over four decades. Gary Watrous who we all have the pleasure of referring to as Dad has shaped an amazing hat business that has provided for his own family as well as for all of us that he considers his extended family. Garth Watrous a father himself and Gary's son has grown into the lead role where he treats the team in the same way.  We hope to convey how special we think they are and we hope that you find a way to show the fathers and father figures in your life how special they are.
So from all of us here at Head'n Home American Hat Makers thank you to all the fathers out there that guide us and have shown us the way and made us who we are today!