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No two leather hides are alike. Each hide has its own personality, and due to leather being a natural resource, blemishes may be visible. Just as each animal is unique, each hide will be unique. We use only the highest quality leathers when we make our hats, and the uniqueness gives each product character, and makes it truly one-of-a-kind.  These are not defects. 

 Leather has some phenomenal characteristics, among which is the fact that it only gets better with age. Like fine wine and cast iron pans, leather only gets better with age. As you travel, you will gain more stories and a good leather accessory will archive each and everyone into its very structure. Everywhere you take one of our leather accessories you will leave your mark, and eventually, you will be able to look at it and see all of the adventures it has accompanied you on. You’ll hear it’s story, and so will everyone else.