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Hat Care & Cleaning

If you take care of this leather hat, it will take care of you. We always recommend using a Hat Cone when not using your hat, and to never store it in direct sunlight, such as in a hot car, for extended periods of time. Remember to never dry your hat in direct sunlight, as this can distort the shape of your hat. In addition to this, if your hat gets wet, we recommend storing it out on a cone to dry, because if your hat gets put away while it is damp there is a chance it could start to mildew. 

As far as cleaning goes for our finished leather hats, we recommend using our Finished Leather Conditioner Kit which contains a bottle of Bickmore Bick 4 leather conditioner and a high quality sheepskin chamois. Simply apply a quarter sized drop of the leather conditioner to the sheepskin and apply it to all of the exterior leather surfaces on your hat. When used in conjunction with Bickmore Saddle Soap, the finished product will truly be a sight to behold. This leather conditioner will keep the leather on your hat looking as nice as the day you bought it!