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Nestled in the heart of Santa Cruz county, The American Hat Maker Company has been handcrafting the world's finest hats since 1972. Starting in the back of a Chevy station wagon with $40 in leather hide and tools, Gary Watrous quickly made a name for himself offering some of the finest examples of headwear anywhere. Everyone’s got their specialty, and when you come into the factory you can see what makes them the world’s leading leather hat maker.

Starting with hides of only the highest quality leather, The American Hat Maker Company starts a normal work day delegating teams of the most experienced top hat makers, sun hat makers, cowboy hat makers, and fedora makers to handcrafting the most varied and detailed line of hats anywhere. Whether it be a functional hat for every day work, or a stunning accessory for the red carpet, The American Hat Maker Company has you pun intended. Constantly evolving by welcoming in new talents minds to usher in fresh and new ideas, the American Hat Maker Company is at the forefront of a global market of style, fashion and luxury. Keep an eye out next time you watch a red carpet event, you may just spot some of their one of a kind styles!